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On March 24 and 25, The Westin Palace, Madrid, and the Mercado de Antón Martín come together to offer a gourmet tasting menu in which Mediterranean and Latin flavors will coexist, thus proposing a selection of gastronomic offers under the glamorous framework of the dome.

The gastronomic proposal consists of 5 dishes with a very Madrid beginning, a Vermouth with chips. We will start with, Mixed ceviche of prawns and sea bass with citrus milk and passion, an authentic combination of flavors that comes directly from the Pacific coast, prepared by the El Mono de la Pila stand.

We will continue with the incredible Sicilian Parmigiana from El Cunzato, a trip to the Italian province without leaving Madrid; and for the third course, the Italian-Colombian fusion from the Majo's Food stand, its Arepa stuffed with Colombian chicken, starring in a delicious combination of Mediterranean and Latin American gastronomy.

We continue the gastronomic route with true Latin American tastings such as the “Carne en la olla” pork cheek in ancho chile sauce and chocolate from the veteran stand Cutzamala. We will finish with the famous Caracola cheese and pistachio cake, one of the stalls that are currently triumphing in the Madrid capital.

The menu will include wines from Bodegas de los Herederos del Marqués de Riscal and the best selection of Mahou-San Miguel beers, which has joined this initiative.

This menu will be offered on Friday March 24 during dinner hours and on Saturday March 25 during lunch and dinner hours, at a price of 65 euros per cover, VAT included and can be reserved by phone 91 360 76 67 or via email

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